Breakfast Treasure Hunt

Dan has had a very busy morning schedule this week, so he has not been joining me at the gym in the mornings, including today! I went without him and went for a treadmill run. Today, I opted to cover my miles and minutes with a towel to see if I was perhaps psyching myself out. It definitely made the time pass more quickly, and I completed about 2.5 miles by running before I took a rest to walk. Overall, it took me about 35 minutes to run a 5k (3.2 miles) but I had to REALLY book it in the last five minutes to make this time. I spent tw0, almost three minutes at 7.5 and crept up to 8 by the end for a 45 second finish, just under the wire and about ready to throw up 🙂 Luckily, I held it together and walked for a few minutes to gain my composure, bringing my grand mileage total to 3.75 for this morning – not too shabby!

I also made sure to stretch before AND after my run. My hamstrings and glute muscles are still REALLY sore, partially from Jillian Michaels, but also just because I’ve been running and doing a lot of fairly intense leg lifting without taking as much time as I should to stretch. I’ve been reminded time and time again by multiple people in my life how important this step of a workout is. I also have terrible flashbacks to high school soccer where continuous sprinting on tight hamstrings and quads led to multiple bouts of horribly pulled muscles, resulting in icing, Ace bandages and lots of limping. We’re not going back to that place!

After my strenuous workout, I was definitely in the mood for some protein, and apparently Dan had read my mind. I walked up to our apartment door to a note that read: “Your breakfast is in the oven in some tin foil so it would stay warm!” I felt like I was on a treasure hunt, which made the end result of breakfast all the more exciting.

He made me a beautiful “tostada” – whole wheat toast topped with tomato, eggs, shredded Mozzerella – yum! I kicked it up a notch after taking the picture by adding a slice of avocado and plenty of hot sauce!

**Sidenote and fun fact** Penny LOVES hot sauce! When she was a puppy, our dog trainer told us to put Srirancha on the chairs to keep her from chewing on them but it just encouraged her! I was reminded of this today when I dropped a bit of hot sauce on the cabinet by mistake and she went to town licking it off!

This breakfast combined with my run and a hot cup of coffee was the perfect start to a beautifully sunny day!

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