Fowl Play

While a lot of people recommend going veggie once a week (eliminating meat from your dinner) because it helps with calorie intake and it’s just overall really good for you. Dan and I, on the other hand, try to go meat-y once a week. Most all of our meals are veggie oriented, so sometimes we remind ourselves to eat some meat! Usually it’s chicken or tuna, but this week, we decided to turn to our good friend turkey. I had a taste for turkey burgers, and luckily, Dan knew just how to cook them!

I made the zucchini fries to supplement the main event, and provided plenty of ketchup for authenticity:

Dan topped the burgers with Muenster Cheese, Tomato, Roasted Poblano Peppers and avocado:

They were a little undercooked (we are apparently not so seasoned at cooking meat!) so after this beautiful picture was taken, we threw the burgers in the microwave to make sure the turkey was cooked all the way through. They tasted great, but didn’t look so pretty after that, so … the picture above will have to do!

3 thoughts on “Fowl Play

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