Greek Irish

Today, our boss decided to reward anyone who was wearing green by buying them lunch! I, of course, qualified. Ironically, he chose a different ethnicity to order from – Greek! I was thrilled, however, because I love Roti. I got a very familiar order (why mess with perfection!?) – a rice bowl with olives, veggies, hummus and eggplant. I did, however, leave out the Feta this time around. I figured with green beer (wine) plus a special holiday meal later, I would be getting plenty of fat and calories into my diet 🙂

Delicious and satisfying.

Now that work is over, I’m ready to relax and enjoy my evening. I’m headed out of town this weekend (DC to see Meg and Kristyn!!!) so I packed last night, and I’m leavin’ on a jet plane tomorrow morning. They are both food, wine, workout fans like me, so it’s going to be a blast! We have already been discussing lots of great plans (and non-plans). Stay tuned.

Anyone from DC have any “must-sees” ?

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