Low-Cal Summer Drinks

Now that we’ve passed the Daylight Savings Time marker, there is much more optimism in the Chicagoland area that warm weather is on its way! Parties, happy hours and just generally coming out of hibernation means that alcoholic beverages tend to be more a more common occurrence. I am always on the lookout for something that tastes great and doesn’t pack a ton of calories. I love margaritas, but depending on how they’re made, these can be quite deadly, calorically speaking. Beer is one option, but again … these add up quickly in terms of calories.

I decided to experiment in anticipation of the season, and at the liquor store, my eye landed on this baby:

I’m sure the possibilities for this base ingredient will prove to be endless, but I started with some basics – Diet 7UP and Diet Lemonade. The combination was simple, but very refreshing. The Pomegranate taste definitely shined through, and these go down easy. My testers did complain that one thing they would change is the color. You might be more likely to taste Pomegranate if it LOOKS like Pomegranate.

We decided on a great name for this new addition to the bar lineup. Henceforth, these will be known as Fizzy Pom Poms. Enjoy, and drink responsibly! 🙂

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