Sights Unseen

I really enjoyed compiling last week’s “Sights Unseen” post – so I decided that as long as I have the ammo (unused pictures from the week), I’m going to try to make this a regular Friday feature! Here are some gems for you:

Dan and Penny enjoying a beer together in our favorite piece of furniture. This is a “Rockasan” Chair from Pier 1, and it is unbelievably comfortable. Sometimes it has coats or miscellaneous items strewn on it, but when it’s available, it’s Penny’s favorite place to nap, even if Dan is already occupying it.

This spectrum of Irish delights is hanging on the wall at one of our favorite Irish Pubs. We didn’t have anything to drink that contained these treasures, but we both admired the decor and method of dispensing.

I had some Chobani for a snack, and Penny was practically on top of me while I finished it, so I handed the almost empty container over to her for finishing. She pushed it around our living room for approximately 13 minutes until she landed here, with the clean bowl in front of her, looking mighty pleased.

This is our little cat-dog. Penny loves to sit on the back of couches, chairs, whatever – and keep watch. When she gets sleepy, she will also curl up in the same spot for a “catnap.”

Sorry a few of them this week centered around Penny. She’s just so cute and photogenic!


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