Would you like horseradish on your cake?

To conclude all of the celebrations for today, we ended up at my parent’s house, where they had been cooking up an Irish (yes I know it’s not REALLY Irish!) storm. Dan and I provided the beverages:

Dan brought some delicious green beer, while I opted for (what else?) …

Delicious green wine! Thanks to my husband for making it green and festive for me!

We started out with some avocado hummus and multi-grain chips – the dip matched the color of the day:

After we stood around munching for a bit, it was time for the main event. Words can’t even describe how much I love this annual meal:

Cabbage! Make sure you don’t eat too much of this veggie (I can attest from personal experience 😦 )

Roasted carrots! Delish.

And of course, what meal would be complete without my favorite food of all time … POTATOES! I definitely took a few of these babies out of the bowl after we “cleared” the table.

The main event! This wonderfully tender corned beef roast was served with another of our favorites … horseradish! The meat melted in our mouths, while the topping set it on fire. A wonderful combination.

Penny got quite a few tastes of the food we were eating, but she absolutely did NOT care for the green beer:

She only likes Rolling Rock πŸ™‚

She did come back to the table and beg, however, when the DESSERT was brought out. And who could blame her?!

Angel food cake! It was light and airy – perfect end to a wonderful and hearty meal. I knew I loved this holiday for a reason!

2 thoughts on “Would you like horseradish on your cake?

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