But not as good as Cakebread.

We’ve tried a new wine a couple of times (first picked it up from Trader Joe’s and then ALSO found it at Costco for a pretty decent price):

It’s a pretty decent tasting Sauvignon Blanc for a great price. It tastes best when you stick it in the freezer for a bit first and it gets frosty (as shown here). As we move into the spring (and SUMMER!) months, this will become one of my go-to wines. It is a cut above the “cheap-o” wines (which I have NO shame in drinking, as you well know) but comes at a much more palatable price than some of my favorites, which include Santa Margherita, Cakebread and Frog’s Leap. Previously I mentioned that another Sauvignon Blanc would be a great addition to your water bottle during a run (facetiously, of course – please do NOT drink wine while you are ACTUALLY working out!), but I think this bottle would pair well with a the stair master. This is my SWEATIEST exercise – whenever I hop on the tower of stairs, I drip sweat, and this refreshing, but not too sweet wine would help with the sweat. Sweet sweat.

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