In which we use our imaginations

This weekend, I am spending some time in Washington D.C. with Meg, my best friend from first grade and Kristyn, my sister (in-law). I would love to show you all the wonderful things we did yesterday and last night. But alas, once we were out and having fun … I realized that I had completely forgotten to put my memory card in my camera, rendering it useless. SO – below are some highlights, unaccompanied by photos, so for once, you will just have to use your imagination.

1. Mexican happy hour at Oyamel – Meg had never been, but they had wonderful 4-6 specials, so we stopped in to have a margarita and some of their fresh, table-side guacamole. Both were delicious and refreshing (especially since it was borderline hot here yesterday – definitely time to get excited about warmer weather!)

2. Appetizers and wine at Bar Louie! Here, I realized that while I couldn’t take camera pictures, my phone would sort of suffice for the time being. We ordered nachos:

And bruschetta. Which, at Bar Louie, comes in a huge martini glass. Very interesting presentation:

Yes – the pictures are sideways. I have no idea how to fix it, and I’m using Meg’s computer and I just don’t have time to mess with it anymore! 🙂 The bruschetta was REALLY good and tangy, but the nachos weren’t AS good. After the amazing guacamole we’d had at Oyamel, the avocado-esque dip on these chips was just a bit disappointing. But we were hungry, so I’m not sure we cared!

A few other highlights: I definitely saw a man in the women’s bathroom. It was particularly awkward because we were the only two people in there – and I don’t think he realized what room he was in until I walked in. We both spent about five seconds trying to decide who was in the wrong bathroom. But when another woman walked in behind me, he bolted!

At Bar Louie, the are televisions everywhere, which meant we couldn’t get enough of the March Madness games. We were definitely disappointed in the outcome of the Georgetown game (Meg goes to Georgetown Law), but I know my mom will be happy since now her alma mater, Purdue, won’t have to face Georgetown!

We have big plans today, including a run, some of the Harry Potter marathon and more girly shenanigans!

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