Go Fish!

This dinner is brought to you by the amazing folks at Caputo’s Market. Fresh produce, friendly staff – but most of all … fresh fish. When we hit up the store, there were some fresh Chilean Sea Bass that were calling our name. So along with a lot of fresh veggies, we picked up some fish steaks.

I was responsible for two items at dinner. One was the sauce for the fish. I decided upon a cucumber dill. I used this link as a basis for my creation, but turned it into my own.

I started by chopping up my cucumber:

I also used a salad spinner to prepare my fresh dill:

I added both those ingredients, plus some pressed garlic, Cayenne Pepper, salt, Greek Yogurt to my bowl, and brought out the immersion blender to make it into a sauce:

The end result was aromatic and ready to rock:

The other dinner component that I agreed to make was the vegetable side dish. I decided upon zucchini fries. They were quite simple. I cut the zucchini in strips, and then tossed them in a bowl with some olive oil, garlic, seasoned salt and pepper:

These were placed into the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. They came out wonderfully on the other end:

My dad took charge of the fish. He sauteed some zest of ginger, lime and garlic in a pan:

He also coated the fish with some appropriate seasoning:

After these guys spent a few minutes in the pan, they too were popped into the oven to be finished.

The end result of dinner was truly a sight to behold:

Quinoa and Brown Rice Pilaf with peas, carrots, corn and almonds served as a nice side to the zucchini and the fish, which turned out perfectly:

I am unbelievably, but pleasantly stuffed. That’s what I love about Sundays.

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