How good could one sandwich be?

The answer is … out of this world good! Whilst lounging around on Saturday (not going to the gym, which we had originally planned to do, because some down time was seriously needed for all us girls) – we had the hardest time making a decision about what to eat for lunch. The two choices were sushi and sandwiches, and both sounded amazing. After a bit of healthy debate and deciding on our DINNER destination, it was settled. Taylor’s for sandwiches!

Not really knowing what to expect, I was definitely enchanted with this deli/bar/local hangout:

shelves of delicious wines

and … sandwich makin’ … stuff

Plus being there with some great company enhanced the experience.

smile, you're on candid camera!

We decided to start with one of this place’s specialties, Risotto Balls!

Fried on the outside...

gooey, cheesy risotto on the inside!

We all split one of the “pastini” salads, which featured little balls of pasta, roasted red peppers and some goat cheese atop an arugula bed:

Kristyn and I split a veggie sandwich. The description said it would feature Broccoli Rabe and Provolone Cheese. It sounded simple, but one bite proved how unbelievably full of flavor one sandwich could be:

They import the bread from a bakery in Philadelphia and it made all the difference! Even with so few ingredients, this sandwich packed a punch, and it’s definitely one I will remember.

On the walk home, we ran into a colorful glimpse of Spring and its floral ferocity.

What a fabulous afternoon in Washington D.C.

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