I’ll give you a plan!

Generally speaking, I like to make a plan for my early morning workouts, otherwise I sometimes end up wandering aimlessly around the gym or falling into a routine rut. Last night, I threw caution to the wind and went to bed without writing out a workout.

The results? PFG. I warmed up with ten minutes on the Arc Trainer. Then, I started at the back of the gym and moved my way forward:

-3 sets of modified pullups (the hard way – really close to the floor!)
-3 sets of 10 cross body punches with the pulley
-3 sets of 15 seated double row
-3 sets of 20 squats on the Bosu ball with 10 pound weights
-3 sets of forward/backward lunges combined with shoulder press/bicep curls (with 10 pound weights)
-3 sets of plank sets

I finished it all off with some usually neglected stretching, including the ever ominous Pigeon Pose.

I was pretty sure I was craving a smoothie with one of the bananas I picked up the other day, but again, plans were thrown to the wind. Instead, I concocted something new, and a bit warmer for this wet and windy weather:

It’s a slight twist on an old favorite. I combined my leftover canned pumpkin with a scoop of chocolate flavored Muscle Milk protein powder, toasted a Bagel Thin, sliced a banana, broke out the peanut butter and Pumpkin Pie Spice … and threw all that together to create the above breakfast masterpiece. In case you were wondering about the diagnosis? Delicious.

Onward and forward, eh?

One thought on “I’ll give you a plan!

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