My Dark Side

What woman doesn’t love chocolate? I myself have been a huge fiend pretty much my whole life. My traditional favorites include: M&M’s, Reese’s, Hershey’s and FUDGE! There are two snacks lately, however, that are slightly non-traditional, but are filling my chocolate craving.

The first is a container that constantly sits on my desk:

These were picked up, of all places, at OFFICE MAX!? Impulse buy. Near the register.  I can’t have too many at once, or too late in the afternoon. The caffeine is quite potent. Despite what the package instructs, I have not shared these with anyone, and I’m not really sure I ever will. I keep them in my desk drawer for emergencies.

The other dark chocolate in my life is a new love:

There are no words for how addicted I am to this chocolate. It’s the darkest of the dark. The nice thing is that after a couple of squares, I feel perfectly satiated. That’s one problem with M&M’s and the like. I have one, and pretty much devour all of them that are available to me. That means this was a good find! I bet it has lots of great applications just WAITING to be discovered. Goody!

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