Want some Dim Sum?

Because Karen and Meg are wonderful hosts, they had made dinner reservations at a variety of different restaurants, so that we would have our choice of cuisine. It was pretty clear, however, that Karen was making a hard sell for Ping Pong, a Dim Sum restaurant. Once we all took a look at their menu (and the wine list), we were sold!

Each dish comes out in three pieces, and we had to order a lot of different items, so it would be silly for me to try to tell you the name of everything we ate, but here are some highlights:

These “griddlers” were actually our favorite – stuffed with spinach and mushrooms. They tasted a lot like Pot Stickers, and we ordered another round of them after realizing how much we enjoyed them the first time.

These steamed dishes were served in a Lotus Leaf and surrounded by sticky rice. We got one order with pork and the other with just veggies. They were both delicious!

A lot of our dishes looked like this. They came served in baskets, steamed and with different kinds of dipping sauces to add the flavor. Some were salty, some spicy, but everything tasted wonderful. We got through a couple bottles of wine during our meal, both of which were chosen by Kristyn, our resident wine expert.

The second one didn’t get photographed. But not because it wasn’t awesome.

The ladies had a lovely night out out on the town, livin’ it up!

2 thoughts on “Want some Dim Sum?

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