Love/Hate Relationship with Brunch

On our final day in DC, the sun was shining, but everyone was exhausted and we were pretty disappointed that it was time to go home. We decided the perfect solution to this combination of factors was brunch! We made reservations at Urbana, which is usually a wine bar, but transforms into a fabulous brunching mecca on Sunday mornings. Their biggest claim to fame are their “Bottomless, Build Your Own Bellinis” – the server brings over endless amounts of Champagne, and you head to the fruit puree bar to choose your flavor of choice. I wish I had had the energy and presence to photograph this rainbow buffet, but alas, I was too focused on my own sweet beverage:

hello, sweet nectar!

The Bloody Mary’s were seriously drool-worthy. The perfect amount of spice, and no pulp (which, if you’ve ever had a chewy Bloody Mary, you know this is NOT a fun texture to experience while drinking one).

The food was marvelous as well. I had a bit of plate envy when I heard what Kristyn ordered, and only got greener when they brought it out and she let me have a taste:

Loxalicious, baby!

I know that the concept of bagels and lox (smoked salmon!) is frightening and off-putting for many folks, but I am NOT one of them. Give me a little protein with my cream cheese any time. Kristyn liked it too, so unfortunately my attempts to woo it away from her were unsuccessful. As such, I focused on my own food:

eyes on your own plate!

After a healthy (not obsessive) internal debate about which delicious menu item I wanted to consume, I settled upon the Build Your Own Omelette. It just barely beat out the Eggs Chesapeake, which Meg claims is delicious – apparently it’s similar to Eggs Benedict, but features crab meat.

To fill my omelette, I chose mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese, which turned out to be a terrific trio. The potatoes that came on the side worried me a bit in theory because of my slight obsession with this food and inability to stop eating it, but to my relief, the plate came with a very reasonable portion of them, which of course is the only solution. Self control is sometimes thrown out the window when I’m staring at a well-cooked potato product.

After brunch, we also saw the most adorable Black Lab puppy, which just put the seal on this meal as the best brunch ever. There was some debate around our table about the concept of brunch. Some people love it and think it’s the “best meal ever” while some people can’t stand it or the people that love it so. After this experience with superb food and even more amazing company, we were all sold. At least, I’d like to think so.

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