Silver Linings

The weather and general attitude of the week thus far have been gloomy and dreary. I’ve been feeling off, and fairly powerless about a lot of elements in my life. On the other hand, anger is a useless emotion and moping doesn’t seem like a productive solution. So today, I decided to keep track of my silver linings:

1. My workout! This morning, I tried my new treadmill tactic of covering up the display so I couldn’t see my miles or times. I noticed a few encouraging components of my run. The first was that I could run for a longer period of time (although I had no idea how fast I was running). The second was that my recovery speed was higher. I put the speed down to where I felt comfortable recouping, and when I pulled back the towel, I realized it was much higher than usual! Score. The final coup of this run was that my overall time for the 5k was 2 minutes faster than my old personal best. I’m still not fast by any means, but it felt good to make progress.

2. My breakfast. I finally got that smoothie I wanted! After several ingredients being added as needed, blending, re-assessing…I ended up with a cold and creamy concoction with Almond Milk, a banana, strawberries, ice, Chocolate Muscle Milk Protein Powder, a spoonful of peanut butter and a container of Blueberry Oikos Greek Yogurt. So many delicious tastes – one drink!


There’s no ACTUAL Blue Moon in the glass, although with the way this week is going, perhaps that should have been included! 🙂

Penny’s number one silver lining for the day? A spoonful of peanut butter!

3. My breakfast. This may seem like a repeat cheat of number two, but it’s not. I made SO much smoothie (with all those ingredients, it wasn’t difficult!), that I have enough for tomorrow morning too. That saves me time, money, energy, etc. The list of benefits is boundless.

4. Dinners made by a very talented husband. Sensing my downtrodden demeanor, Dan already had dinner going by the time I called to say I was leaving the office. He welcomed me at the door with some freshly-made guacamole (not pictured – eaten too quickly). And then presented me with this masterpiece bowl:

Quinoa, mushrooms, asparagus, white chard, poblano peppers and red peppers topped off with some Mozzarella and Srirancha. Absolutely hit the spot.

5. Some tea and dark chocolate to top it all off:

At least I’ve graduated from lists of three. Now I’m at five! I’d make that another lining, but I think six is just way too many.

3 thoughts on “Silver Linings

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