Cooked with Love

Dan has actually been home for a surprising amount of nights this week (usually he works a lot, has school, etc.) but we hit the jackpot! And because it almost never happens, we have been taking advantage by making dinner. Or he has been making dinner. What can I say? He loves to do it, and I love to eat. I KNEW we got married for a reason 🙂

One dinner this week was the quinoa concoction. Another night, he made me one of my all-time faves: eggplant tacos!

DELICIOUS! He also remembered to heat the taco shells before serving, as I forgot to do when I made my zucchini tacos

He also made a delicious chicken dish as part of our once a week effort to go meat-y.

It was served next to my favorite kind of pasta – colorful! I really like the tri-color, but we didn’t have any, so he made do with some spinach pasta we had to add extra color to the plate.

Both meals were delicious, and tasted even better because they were served to me on the silver husband platter!

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