Sights Unseen

Not surprisingly, a lot of the pictures below are of my beloved dog, Penny, but I can’t help it! She’s photogenic. Enjoy:

We have been leaving a rawhide in the car for her when we take trips, and she was really going to town on this one in the back seat. I love the way she’s sitting. Sometimes she is JUST like a human.

I was just messing around with my camera, and I actually really liked how this one turned out. It reminds me of the “glamor shot” that our photographer took of Dan’s and my rings at our wedding. Happy memories 🙂

Yep. That’s my landfill of a desk. Thinking that cleaning it might be on my Friday agenda this week!??! Any tips for organization 🙂 ?

Sometimes Penny is very generous about giving out puppy kisses. This morning was one of those times. Dan was most grateful.


Happy Friday!


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