My Top Five Favorite Things About Smoothies

Recently, I graduated into making Top Five lists, instead of Top Three lists. I decided to flex my list-making muscles by creating a list of the top five reasons I love Smoothies. I have had one of these babies for breakfast almost EVERY day this week. In fact, before we hit the road shortly to go to an out of town wedding, I may just have another one. Here’s why I love ’em:

1. You can put all your favorite flavors in one meal. I am a big fan of mixing things together, that maybe most people might find off-putting. For some reason, when you do this in a smoothie, it’s not as gross AND people don’t seem to judge as much. I put tons of ingredients (peanut butter, banana, chocolate, pumpkin, strawberries, etc.) and the end result is pure deliciousness in a glass.

2. They are good for “on the go.” Since they


3 thoughts on “My Top Five Favorite Things About Smoothies

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