Double Feature Workout

A new pattern that has emerged for Mondays is an unwillingness to get up early in the morning to work out. I set my alarm with the best of intentions, but then when it goes off, my body is too tired to move. We’ve had some pretty active and busy weekends lately (like a wedding and a trip to DC), so Monday mornings have been a little rough. As a result, I have been experimenting with my workout DVD’s in the afternoon to avoid dealing with the commuter rush at the gym. Last week it was Jillian Michaels’ “No Trouble Zones,” so this week I decided to keep my trainer consistent with Jillian Michaels’ “30 Day Shred.” I had tried this one before, and was left exhausted, so I figured I would get a great work out. It’s only 20 minutes long, but it’s very intense interval training, that includes 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs, repeated three times plus a warm-up and cool-down. There are three levels, and because it had been a while since I did this DVD, I chose level 1. I was pleased that a lot of things in this workout seemed easier this time around – I think my endurance has increased and my capacity for strength training is larger. A few things still gave me trouble, though:

  • Push-ups: She has you doing these babies for 45 seconds at a time, and while I started in true plank position, I eventually put my knees down and did the “girly” version. I know that this exercise is one of the best you can do to get the most bang for your buck (arms, shoulders, abs, etc.) so I need to work on manning up to handle the real McCoy!
  • The last set of lunges. My booty really started to hurt – Jillian LOVES her squats, lunges, etc. So by the last set of lateral lunges, I was ready for it to be over!
  • Lateral Raises. I think I need to work more on shoulder stuff, because these always give me a problem – I had to lower my weight and they were still hard!

It was definitely a good way to ease into my week of workouts. Last week when I did the “No Trouble Zones” workout – I was sore all week! Hopefully with this workout, I will achieve results without rendering my muscles useless for other strength training throughout the week.

Because I switched it up and worked out at night, that meant a bit of a “double feature” when I woke up this morning. I already knew that it would be cardio-focused, so no planning necessary. I hopped on the treadmill ready to go and was able to run my longest distance without stopping to walk! I got through about 2.5 miles before taking a little rest, and then finished the rest of my “5k” off at almost a sprint, getting the whole distance completed in 33 minutes. I took a while to walk afterward, bringing my distance total about to 4.25 miles. I wish it were nicer out … I miss walking outside, and I know this little wiggle worm does too!

Soon enough, hopefully!

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