Weekend Recap

I was definitely absent from the blogging community this weekend, but with very good reason. I was busy with lots of fun activities.

On Friday night, we headed out on the town with Andrea and Kris. We hit up Pinstripes, a restaurant/bar/bowling alley/bocce ball court. My favorite food here are the flatbreads, so we ordered one of those immediately. It was topped with goat cheese and bacon, but gone before I could snap a picture. No worries – I’m sure it shan’t be my last experience with them!

Everyone ordered their main meal. I chose a sandwich with grilled chicken, roasted tomatoes and mozzerella:

It came with a side of fries that I happily shared with Dan.

After we dined, we decided to try our hand on the bocce ball court. It was my first time, but everyone else played like seasoned experts:

We had quite a time … or everyone had a quite a time laughing at me! I was very hit or miss, but the whole ordeal was extremely entertaining!

On Saturday, we got up bright and early to head to Indiana for a wedding! It’s our only one this year, which I can’t believe, since we went to seven last year (including our own). We had a blast, dancing the night away with a bunch of Dan’s family:

Even though I’m not normally a cake person (I know, I’m VERY strange), their wedding cake was unbelievable! I tried to get a picture of it when it was first set down in front of us, but Dan and I attacked it with a vengeance.

It was a lovely party, well thought-out and designed by the bride and groom. Congrats to Derek and Bre! I was also very excited to see my married name on my seat for the first time 🙂

It’s the little things in life, don’t ya know!

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