A New Twist on Beets

Previous posts have indicated that I love both beets and grapefruit. I never would have thought, however, about mixing the two. Luckily, Zingarella did it for me.  Our office ordered lunch from this new (to me) restaurant, and I was intrigued by the description of the “Ruby Red” Salad, which included grapefruit, beets, goat cheese and red cabbage with a mango vinaigrette.

The combination of flavors is ingenious! I can’t believe I never thought of mixing these two foods of similar hue, but the texture and taste made a lot of sense. I didn’t use the dressing because I generally don’t put dressing on my salad, but I took a taste of it and it was ALSO good. I would definitely order this salad again, although truth be told I would most likely eat a flip flop sandwich if it included goat cheese. It made me wonder if other foods that don’t initially seem like a good pairing but that are colored the same might taste good together.

-Blackberries and Raisins?
-Avocadoes and Pears?
-Beets and Watermelon?


3 thoughts on “A New Twist on Beets

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