Experimenting with Vodka

It’s no secret that Dan and I love a good Bloody Mary. I’ve also made it pretty clear how much I love using the blender to make my smoothies. Recently, genius struck, and we decided to combine these two loves. Enter the Bloody Mary slushy:

We created this masterpiece by following our original Bloody Mary recipe, but adding some ice and grinding it all up in the blender for a bit. The first shot we took at it, we added too much ice, and the drinks were watered down. We adjusted our mix-ins accordingly, which made the ratio perfect! We also realized that if we stored it in the freezer for a bit, the concoction thickened up and took on the consistency we were looking for.

We made plans for future experimentation on this creation, including throwing actual olives and jalapenos in the mix to be ground up as part of the drink. It’s definitely a treat we will be repeating for ourselves.

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