A couple of wine recs for the road

As the weekend draws ever closer, here are a couple of bottle of wines that have really hit the spot lately – I recommend trying them!

Pinot Noir is the perfect springtime wine, in my opinion because as a red wine, it goes well with chilly weather, but it’s versatile enough to enjoy if the weather EVER gets warmer, as well! This particular bottle was one that Dan found and thought we should try – he was right! It’s mildly priced and highly drinkable.

Another unusual, off-the-beaten path choice, but one that was not too dry, not too sweet and perfectly chilled (I’ll take the credit for that one!) If you can find this one and don’t mind drinking white wine while it’s still less than spectacular weather (read: cold and windy and wet), this might be a good choice for you!

Tonight, we’re heading to the Queens of the Stone Age concert (one of Dan’s birthday presents!) so he will be drinking beer and I will be drinking water, as I am the Designated Driver.

What are you drinking this weekend?

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