Meatless Burgers

It used to be (at least in my mind) that a burger was beef, usually cheese, with ketchup and pickles on a delicious sesame seed bun. We used to grill them all the time when I was a kid, which looking back, was a great move on my parent’s part. Buying ground beef in bulk is fairly inexpensive and it’s relatively simple to whip up a batch of burgers for all the kids in the neighborhood, who were frequently at our house. I loved burgers so much, that when I graduated from pre-school, and my mom told me we could go ANYWHERE for lunch to celebrate, I chose McDonald’s. I hadn’t yet adopted the mindfully healthy lifestyle you see before you on this blog today 🙂

Dan and I have tried lots of adaptations of burgers, including turkey, bean and various fish burgers. It turns out that the ACTUAL definition of a burger according to WordIQ is that it is pretty much anything served on a “hamburger bun.” By those standards, this dinner did not meet the requirements. But, since the recipe I found on used the word burger to describe the Mediterranean Mushroom treats, I feel free to do so also. I started by washing and blotting my “burger patties.”

The recipe calls for grilling these puppies, but my master griller (Dan) had homework to do, so I just placed them in a pan with some olive oil. It seemed to do the trick!

While they were cooking away, I chopped up a whole mess of Mediterranean inspired vegetables and threw them in a bowl with reduced fat feta cheese.

I poured a little of this guy on top for even more flavor:

I mixed all up, and literally could have spooned half of the mixture into my mouth right then and there.

Luckily, I refrained, and after toasting the Arnold Sandwich Thins Hamburger Buns and a little assembly, we were good to go!

These beauties didn’t just look good – they hit the spot. We each had two (sort of a double burger?) and vowed to make these guys again soon.


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