The Perfect Couple

No – not me and Dan! This is a description of my latest strength workout! I took it (not too surprisingly) from Women’s Health Magazine. In this case, however, I didn’t make any adjustments. I just did it as found here. It uses a “pairing” method to work opposing muscle groups that allow you to work smarter, not harder – I am always on board for that kind of thinking.

Interesting story about this workout. If you look at the link I posted, the instructions for the workout tell you to do it three time a week on non-consecutive days. Instead, I apparently decided to do it twice in one workout session. The best part is, I was disappointed when I left the gym at only having completed two rounds – I was hoping to get in THREE! I only got two done mostly because of timing (we needed to get home a little earlier today to walk the dog and get ready before getting to work a little early), but also because it was absolutely exhausting. The worst (hardest) exercises were as follows, in no particular order:

– The Plank Hold and Single Arm-Row. As I’ve outlined before, I stink at push-ups and these are a harder version of that.

-The V-Sit Incline Press: My shoulders were killing me by this point, so just keeping the tension in my arms along with focusing on my abs was pure torture.

Before I got this circuit party started in our gym’s studio, I warmed up with ten minutes of cardio on the Arc Trainer while I studied the moves, complete with pictures:

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