Fitness Toys on My Wishlist

Despite the amount of time I spend in the gym (usually 4-5 days a week), I generally don’t dole out a lot of cash for fitness related gear. Of course, I get sucked into Athleta or Lululemon like anyone else, and I love my workout DVD’s, but have purchased only the minimum basics (Yoga Mat, hand weights) to utilize them. I have had on my mind (and wishlist) a few other pieces that I want to invest in:

1. Kettlebell set: I have expressed my interest in starting to insert these babies into my workout rotation, but still haven’t picked up the goods! I recently stumbled across another kettlebell workout in Women’s Health Magazine that I really want to try, so it’s on my list of things to pick up this weekend.

2. Garmin Forerunner: Now that I have made the foray into a semi-regular running schedule, I’d like to get one of these so I can attempt to run outside and still get the same reports and tracking that I get from the trusty treadmill. Currently there are a few factors stopping me from purchasing one:

A: I haven’t had time to do the research about which one would work best for my needs, and if I’m going to spend that much money on something, I’d like to make sure it’s “The One.”

B: On some level, I’m trying to delay running outside. I know that this is silly, but here in Chicago, it’s still cold by my standards! I know I could layer up, but even so, I don’t feel like I have the correct attire. Not only that, but I am still a bit traumatized from my big outdoor running fall. **Quick back story – a couple of years ago, Dan and I lived in the city. I decided to take an evening jog/run around our neighborhood with Penny. We were a little over a mile from the house, when Penny spotted a sewer grate, which unbeknownst to me, she has a severe phobia of. She panicked, ran right in front of me, tripping me and causing me to roll my left ankle and fall down. X-rays revealed that I didn’t break the bone, but the doctor basically told me it would have been better if I had. My ankle turned into a black and blue grapefruit, and I hobbled around with crutches, an air cast and two Ace bandages for quite a while. Working out was difficult (read: next to impossible), and I was a bit shaken up. To this day, it’s difficult for me to run outside without re-living the fall. It’s something I’m working on**

3. Under Armour galore! I’m actually kicking myself about this one. On Monday, my friend Anna informed me that they were not only having a sale on several items that I need to add to my collection, but that for first time customers, shipping was FREE on any size order! Unfortunately, my online shopping ADD got the best of me and I forgot to complete the sale. Because of this misfortune, I’m contemplating going into an actual store this weekend to scope out what I need.

4. New running shoes. Due to my increased running schedule lately, and my tendency to try to push my speed, my shoes have been wreaking havoc on my tootsies. I have had a host of issues, including tons of blistering on the inside of my left foot, bruising on the top of my left foot, burning in my feet while I’m running, and a bit of a sore right knee (probably from overcompensating for all the issues I’m having on my left side?) In addition to all that, it’s been about six months since I purchased my last pair, and I’ve heard from several sources that with my activity level, that’s about the right time to find some new partners in crime. I’m definitely open to suggestions about what kind people like, but I think I might go to one of the stores where they watch you run and then make recommendations for you. (My weekend is really filling up, isn’t it?!)

5. My own Bosu Ball. I do lots of exercises with this piece of equipment at the gym – primarily squats. I know these can serve many purposes, and if I had one at home, I might just find myself standing on it while I watch an episode of Glee. Or wash the dishes. Or I might do some ab-work on it before I head to bed, just because it’s there. I’m building up my own at-home gym, and I believe this is an integral part.

There you have it. (The fact that there are five things on this list is purely a coincidence and has nothing to do with my new Top Five list obsession.)

What’s topping your wishlist?


4 thoughts on “Fitness Toys on My Wishlist

  1. i need to find a good armband to hold my multiple mobile devices b/c juggling them while trying to run SUCKS! any suggestions? trying to hit the nike store today before my first half-marathon tomorrow!!!!! (don’t be scared of outside… it’s SOOOOO much better than treadmill!)

    • Hmmmm – I used to lug around a lot of ‘lectronics but now I just use my iPod Shuffle and clip it on to the waistband of my shorts. What electronics are you carrying around? Congrats on the half, that’s amazing! Let me know how it goes.

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