Springtime Stew

Even if the weather in Chicago isn’t cooperating, I decided it was high-time to break out one of my “spring” recipes. I found this one on EatingWell.com over a year ago, and we enjoy it thoroughly every time we make it. One of the best parts about it? It features one of my favorite vegetables:

Sweet ‘taters! Another fabulous fact about this dish is that it utilizes one of my favorite kitchen tools, the Crock Pot.

It’s very easy and healthy, so there you go – two more reasons to fall in love.

In the morning, I chopped up the sweet potatoes into manageable chunks, while also rinsing off some mushrooms, which I left whole. I then chopped up the celery and added some raw baby carrots. The ratio of each ingredient is unimportant and totally up to the individual. We took all our veggies, dumped them in the Crock Pot and added some raw chicken breasts, then covered the whole ordeal with Chicken Broth:

It doesn’t look that appetizing in its early stages, but we just flipped the switch and leave it cook all day while we’re hard at work. When we arrived home, we were greeted with a very welcoming scent and the comforting knowledge that dinner was taken care of! (By the way, I feel sorry for Penny, who has to smell that cooking all day without being able to taste it! Sometimes I worry that I’m going to come home and she’s going to be on the counter with her head in the Crock Pot.)

We dished it out into our bowls and let it cool just a bit before digging in and enjoying!

Easy Peasy!

2 thoughts on “Springtime Stew

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