That Eggplant is From WHAT Country?

I have been having a very difficult time finding eggplant lately, and finally I got tired of waiting. I picked up a substitute labeled “Sicilian Eggplant,” and decided to experiment!

I set my subjects up on the cutting board. They didn’t stand a chance.

Once I got these babies cubed up, I decided that they needed some friends in the pan, other than olive oil. I cut up red pepper and mushrooms to add to the mix. I mixed everything with some seasoning (including hot salt for a bit of punch).

All the while, I was cooking up some ORZO. I love this ricey/pasta dish, but hardly ever make or buy it. I’m not sure why – it’s so delicious!

After everything was ready, I put down some spinach as a base, and worked on my plating skills:

The orzo and veggie combo was topped with some feta, avocado and pine nuts!

The eggplant tasted very similar to all the other eggplant I’ve had. The texture was also the same. Which meant I was a happy camper. The dish was delicious, with wonderful texture and flavors. Luckily, there is plenty left over!

One thought on “That Eggplant is From WHAT Country?

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