Banana Split for Breakfast

Lately, I have been a little slow-moving on Monday mornings. I just can’t seem to make myself get out of bed! This morning, the situation was exacerbated by the fact that it was rainy and gloomy weather that greeted me. We already pushed our workout back to the afternoon, and drank a lot of coffee to get ourselves in gear, but I still needed a little something else, because I definitely felt like this:

Once again, Clean Eating Magazine to the rescue! As if in answer to my vow to eat more creative breakfasts, the publication devoted a whole section of this month’s issues to breakfast ideas. Score! This morning, I reached for a recipe that was both easy and fun – a breakfast banana split.

I took a banana, split it in half, poured about a cup of nonfat cottage cheese into a bowl, and topped it all off with a tablespoon of sugar-free raspberry jelly and some peanuts and fresh raspberries. It definitely looked like the picture in the magazine.

It was delicious, except that I think the peanuts actually added a little bit TOO much of a salty flavor. I’m all about salty and sweet, and definitely love crunchy texture in dishes like this, but I think next time, I will try unsalted almonds instead. I’m also wondering if I would get a more banana split-like flavor with vanilla flavored Chobani instead of cottage cheese? I did like mixing it up a little, though, since I religiously eat a Chobani for my mid-morning snack every day 🙂

One new breakfast recipe successfully added to my cannon.

2 thoughts on “Banana Split for Breakfast

  1. Wow, that banana split looks amazing! It does look like it belongs in a magazine! 😉

    I’m terrible at changing up my breakfast. In fact, if I didn’t blog, I’d probably rotate the same three meals every day of my life! Ha ha.

    • thanks! 🙂 it’s so easy to get in a meal-rut. i love smoothies, but definitely know i need to change it up once in a while!

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