Monday Gym Mishap!

Since we missed our morning workout, we had to face the music this afternoon, which meant battling MAJOR crowds. Apparently lots of people were feeling motivated this afternoon. So much so, that there wasn’t a single treadmill open, other than the one that was permanently stuck in an almost vertical tilt with a huge “broken” sign on it. I thought momentarily about risking it, but then moved on to another cardio machine instead. I selected the Arc Trainer, partly because I love it so very much, but mostly because it was literally the ONLY machine open. Dan wanted to call it quits and go outside to run, but I forged ahead. 35 minutes later, I was drippin’ in sweat and feeling good about my choice of exercise. We headed home to whip up our dinner. I was in the mood for lots o’ veggies, so of course I went to another one of my trusty Clean Eating Magazine. This time, we selected a chick pea salad. I did the dishes, while Dan assembled. The end result was quite satisfactory.

Tomatoes, chick peas, onions, a touch of feta – cha-ching! We scooped it up with our forks but also these grocery store gems:

They’re new (as you might be able to ascertain from the brand at the top right the box) and they were a wonderful idea! They add a beautifully sweet crunch that I am already hooked on. I almost felt like they would be good with Vanilla Chobani? But then again, I think everything goes with Greek Yogurt. 🙂

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