Salmon Burgers!

On Sunday, I took my resolutions to heart and did some planning for the week, both in terms of workouts and meal planning. I sat down with my very first copy of Clean Eating Magazine and started tearing out recipes. I got way more ideas than I needed for one week – almost every recipe was a winner in my book! The one I chose for this dinner was a delectable one, Salmon Burgers!

Dan took charge of the patties. He chopped up the salmon filets and put them in the food processor:

We also decided to spice up our burgers with some chopped jalapeno, which I let Dan handle, since I am notoriously unskilled at handling these hot mamas.

Once he mashed all the ingredients together (we also included kalamata olives, red onion and red pepper for a bit of a Mediterranean vibe), he formed some patties in preparation for the grill:

Meanwhile, I prepared some fresh green beans to go along with our meal:

Simultaneously, I worked on the sauce to go atop the fish. The magazine suggested a recipe, but I used the basics from a previous recipe I have made. I used lemon Chobani Greek Yogurt (in case you didn’t know, the texture in this brand of yogurt comes from lemon zest!) combined with some pressed garlic and diced cucumber. On top, I added some dill, paprika and pepper.

As we cooked, we enjoyed a gift that was given to us by my parents:

This bottle came from the cooler of wine that my parents got us as a bridal shower gift. It was technically for April Fool’s Day, and the card said we should celebrate all the laughter in our lives. It was one of my favorite bottles and for such a whimsical occasion, I was very appreciative. It happened to go well with our meal as well!

Dan surprised me by bringing these guys to the part as well.

He steamed mussels on the grill! They were delicious and fresh. They were on sale at the grocery store, so he couldn’t resist snapping them up.

After we added some feta cheese to the burgers and some raspberries to the green beans, we were set to go!

Instead of “hamburger buns,” we used whole wheat “bun thins.” If you ask me, there is very little difference between the sandwich thins and bun thins, but toasted, these were the perfect addition to our salmon burgers, which apparently weren’t burgers because they weren’t served on real buns. Nonetheless, this meal was delicious. Thank you, Clean Eating Magazine!

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