Tuesday Triumph

As bad as yesterday’s workout mishap was, today’s was that much better. I headed to the gym before work to get a run in. I found most of the treadmills to be vacant, which was a definite score! Even more so, I ran the 5k without stopping to walk for the first time ever! I was very proud of myself, and even though my time wasn’t that much better (32.30), I definitely felt like that was a big endurance accomplishment. Woo hoo!

I celebrated by making my first ever Green Monster Smoothie. I went straight to the source for my inaugural attempt at this drink: Green Monster Movement! The recipe calls for:


  • 2 cups organic spinach
  • 1-1.25 cups milk (your choice of cow’s milk, soy, hemp, almond, rice, etc)
  • 1 tablespoon flax (optional)
  • 1 banana
  • ice

I chose the “virgin” Green Monster, because, well … that’s what I am! It came out looking like this:

I used Dark Chocolate Almond milk and the end result was delicious! It’s definitely a little sweeter than the smoothies I am used to making, but it wasn’t bad! I liked the texture of it as well.

I’m guessing my run must have fired my metabolism up because I was DEFINITELY ready for my mid-morning Chobani today:

This week, our grocery store was SERIOUSLY understocked in the Greek Yogurt department, with a smaller selection of flavors than usual. I ended up with a lot of lemon, strawberry and peach. I like all those, so it works out, but I am definitely missing my pineapple and pomegranate in the meantime!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Triumph

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