Another twist

I’m all about the mix-ins for my Chobani these days. Today, I threw yet another element into the mix. I’ll give you a hint – they are a beautiful shade of indigo and come PACKED with yummy antioxidants.

I added them into the mix as a partner in crime to the granola I picked up the other day:

These two plus Chobani? I think so.

I had to photograph before mixing because once the combination came together, it didn’t stand a chance against my spoon.

Speaking of things that taste good (and horrendous non sequiturs) … check out this amazing pizza that Dan created the other night.

Loaded with veggies with a base of his patented black bean sauce, this was a killer meal. I suppose this goes along with the territory of being an anachronistic blogger, but I simply forgot to post about it. But you all already know that Dan rocks the pizza world, don’t you? No need to celebrate it. I told him that he should stop making them because it must be boring, to execute something so effortlessly. But then I realized that meant less pizza for me and I immediately clammed up. I walked away, leaving him more confused than ever.

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