No (Wo)man left behind!

As I planned out my meals on Sunday, I also plotted the days I would workout. Last week, without an agenda, the morning mental battle was more formidable than usual and my mental attitude toward my fitness goals was nebulous at best. I used my Google Calendar (love that thing!) to outline not only when I would go to the gym, use a DVD, etc, but what I would do. As it happens, this morning was meant to be a rest day. Already this week, I have worked out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I thought I would take Thursday off and pick up on Friday. Dan, however, was not on this page. His alarm went off at 5:30am and I, not one to be left behind, decided to join him. I was feeling a bit sluggish and my body definitely hurt from all the work I’ve put in this week thus far, but when has a little extra cardio ever hurt anyone? I figured even if all I did was walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, it would beat sleeping in (in terms of calorie burn and endorphin production, NOT necessarily on the scale of enjoyment!). I hopped around, spreading about 45 minutes worth of cardio love with the treadmill, stair stepper and Arc Trainer. I used my last ten minutes to stretch and plank. It was definitely not the most strenuous gym session of my life, but I was adequately sweaty and felt better after than before, so chalk one up to my unwillingness to be left out of things 🙂

After a shower and a walk with Penny, Dan made a new and delicious breakfast.

It is a “desconstructed” healthified Egg McMuffin, sans a bread product. It also features cottage cheese as a substitute for shredded mozzarella. Perhaps he read my blog post about how I’m not much of a carb person? In any event, it was deliciously protein-filled and hit the spot. I poured some hot sauce on top of mine as well, which kicked it up a notch. It filled me up, which is great because Thursdays at the office are “bagel days,” and sitting right next to the kitchen makes it hard to resist the toasted goodness with cream cheese!


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