Anyone want some Kimchi?

‘Cause Dan and I don’t. We decided to order sushi for dinner tonight, mostly because the recipe we were going to make required the use of feta cheese, and we used all that up earlier in the week. The sushi restaurant is right next to the grocery store, so if we were going to the store to get more cheese … it would just be easier to pick up sushi. Substituting another kind of cheese in the recipe never really came into play as an option. We were both simultaneously craving sushi and took that as a sign that we should order some.

I can say without any doubts that this was our worst round of ordering yet. We got edamame, as per usual. That was delicious. We also got this one roll that we ALWAYS love – it has salmon and lemon on top. It’s delicious. But then, for some reason, we decided to branch out. Dan picked out a roll (with mayo, blech!) and also ordered bacon-wrapped scallops? (why, oh why?!) My sushi branching out came in the form of Kimchi, and boy did we have regret served all around. Things started out lookin’ good:

But upon an initial taste test, the results were as such:

-Neither of us were super impressed with Dan’s “Rock and Roll” roll choice. It had too much mayo and the texture wasn’t great.

-We both loved (and fought over) the lemon roll. Some things never change.

-I did NOT care for the bacon wrapped scallops. I don’t think I like real bacon anymore – it tastes too fatty and chewy. Give me veggie bacon any day!

-No one liked the Kimchi. I choked down more of it than Dan did because I had ordered it, but I would NOT do it again. Penny, on the other hand, loved it. We happily shared our Kimchi roll with her.

Win some, lose some – even when it comes to sushi!

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