Sights Unseen

By Friday, I have used up most of my creativity in the gym and the kitchen, so I’ve learned to channel it through new avenues. In this case, showcasing photographs of interesting scenes that popped up throughout the week. Enjoy, and happy Friday!

When Penny is caught in the act of a naughty deed (such as chewin’ this here sock), sometimes she looks remorseful. Mostly, though, she looks proud of herself, as she does above. She brought this over and presented it to me, practically begged me to take a picture and then continued chewing it right in front of me defiantly. I didn’t stop her either, because the sock is already ruined and it was keeping her quiet. In fact, I went and got its mate, thinking that Dan wouldn’t want only one sock from the pair. Smart thinking, right? I’ll be sure to let you know when our book on dog training comes out so you can all buy a copy.

This is what Penny looked like after polishing off both socks. She wanted me to know that they were extra delicious. I didn’t give her any more because that would have been just plain ridiculous.

While on our shopping adventure last week, I found these eggs and thought it would be really adorable if I could just pop Penny into one (of course she would be wearing bunny ears) and then she could jump out of it on Easter. In holding it, though, I think it’s too small. That’s why I’m making my skeptical face.

In one headline of news, Dan still hasn’t hung up the framed wedding vows gift he gave me for Valentine’s Day two months ago. The subhead for this news headline is that Penny is really glad he hasn’t because she enjoys reading them. I can’t even tell you how many times she’s watched the wedding video. She’s just so disappointed that she wasn’t invited to this special event in our lives. It’s a parental guilt I will live with for the rest of my life.

What do you get when you combine a dog that loves to chew things with parents that love to cook? The answer should be obvious. A ruined spatula. At first, I was mad because this is my favorite spatula (and we only have ONE in this color!) but she just looked so happy and … well let’s face it – it was hilarious.

What have we learned here today? I’ll tell you one thing I’ve garnered from seeing all this laid out – Dan and I should NEVER be parents of a real, live child.

4 thoughts on “Sights Unseen

  1. LOL – this might just be the best blog post I’ve ever read! We are totally dog parents of almost the exact same dog and have the EXACT same parenting style (if you need any outside help with your dog parenting book – do let me know – I’ve got excellent tips as well, including “laugh when your girl dog humps your leg, because she’s not showing domination, nooo, its just frickin’ hysterical”) 😛

    Who knew Penny was so pensive! She’s REALLY into those vows! 🙂

  2. hahaha! you’re right – she doesn’t LOOK proud – she just acted like it. i should have posted a video. she just trotted over with the sock in her mouth and then spit it out right in front of me. haha!

  3. Yes, I agree – best post to date!!!!! Penny really takes after her mom, between the cooking and the love of good literature. Next thing you know she’s going to start chewing The New Yorker (but only after reading it first.)

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