I think I’ll go for a run outside now …

The “summer” sun’s calling my name! Ok – it’s neither summer, nor sunny, but that did NOT stop us from going for a run outside yesterday evening. I have been very forthcoming about fears of running outside, so I was certainly leery of this venture, but Dan promised that if I hated it, we could stop and come right home. We mapped out about a 1.5 mile run, since I had read and heard from several sources that you should take it slow and not do too much outside during your first run – take time to get acclimated and all that jazz. I took even more advice from running resources and dressed for the occasion. It was a bit chilly – so head to toe Under Armour was called for!

I definitely look more sure of myself in the picture than I felt, but it turns out that all my worrying was unfounded. Running outside was awesome! I don’t know if I was just jaded from my soccer days, but the time flew by, and before we knew it, we had trekked two miles! I ended up adding an extra loop into the route that Dan had planned because I felt so good by the end. The verdict is that I love running outside! We re-fueled with a delicious veggie stirfry:

Much like this rambling post, as soon as we were done with it, we were on to the next thing – a night out with friends! Andrea’s brother, Nick has a band that was playing in a new venue, so we all showed up to enjoy!

It was a great time, especially when my dad ordered these adorable little burgers (yes, I’m aware that they are called sliders).

I only had half of one, but I think they tasted better because they were so cute. Just a theory.

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