The walk that nearly killed us all

The Chicago weather gods have finally decided to grace us with a pleasant weekend. After a chilly, gloomy, damp week, this weekend finally brought some acceptable temperatures for outdoor activities! Dan and I couldn’t decide whether we wanted to go for a run, play tennis … so we started by taking Penny for a walk. Dan and I did not do a good job of communicating our expectations for this excursion ahead of time. As a result, I dressed myself and prepared for a loooooooooooooooong walk to tire Penny out, get some exercise and see some sights. Dan dressed for a shorter walk, but donned his new vest, which has a zillion pockets, which I figured would leave him prepared for anything:

Neither of us packed a pedometer, so it’s unclear how far we ACTUALLY walked, but Dan and I estimated that it was most likely a bit over 3 miles. Dan was hot and sweaty, and Penny almost didn’t make it! I had to carry her part of the way home, because she was so tired:

She was literally falling asleep in my arms. I guess next time, we need to bring a wagon for her! I thought maybe we could fit her into one of Dan’s vest pockets, but it was a no-go, unfortunately.

After we came home and had a snack, it was time to start getting ready (again!) We had more fun plans for Saturday night – and we got to see our great friends, Kat and Brian who just got ENGAGED! Couldn’t be happier for them. Congrats again!!!

7 thoughts on “The walk that nearly killed us all

  1. So yeah – I’m a little oblivious sometimes – you live in Chicago?? I mean – is it weird that now I want to go on a road trip with both dogs to come visit you and Penny? That’s NOT weird – right???

    LOL – I love that you had to carry her – that’s how Lando is after our walks – although Harv is the complete opposite – she could go forever! 🙂

    • Not only is it not weird, that would be unbelievably fun! 🙂

      Usually I DON’T have to carry her because she’s a ball of energy, but she was just NOT in long walk shape yet – it was also pretty warm, so I think she needed some water – we should have brought a bottle of it with us in Dan’s vest!

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