Another great debate

My breakfast choice this morning inspired a very heated debate in my head. I would have had the conversation out loud, but Dan was already at work and Penny didn’t seem to want to weigh in. I woke up hungry/thirsty for yet another GREEN MONSTER! Though I have not been honestly documenting on the blog about these smoothies, I have had nearly one a day for the past week. There is little variation, and I just can’t get enough. This morning, however, my internal debate with this question: “Shouldn’t you have something else for breakfast?” We were off – arguments about just starting the day with something you truly enjoy were countered by reasoning about variety being the spice of life. Since I had not yet enjoyed any coffee, this debate was fueled by little other than foggy drowsiness and an unawareness about what day it was, so that didn’t help. I didn’t come to any definitive resolution, but my morning began with a smoothie. The argument rages on, and can be applied to so many other things in life:

Stick with what you love or try new things?!

I’m looking at you for an answer šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Another great debate

  1. As long as your smoothie provides your needed vitamins, then there’s no problem. The best things for you in the morning are grains and protein, so if you have some of each in your Monster, then you can have one every day if you like! Toss in some dried soy beans and oatmeal to give it texture while providing a healthy metabolism boost.

  2. Do you know, in the past month, how many mornings I’ve had oatmeal? Too many. Rather, not enough, because every morning I still crave it!

    A little consistency in life is a wonderful thing, and if it happens to come from food, so be it šŸ™‚

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