Fish Fry!

Ok, so we didn’t fry the fish. And we ate it on Sunday, not on Friday, like one would traditionally do during Lent. Furthermore, we ate beef on Friday. Remember those cute little burgers? Doh! As has become tradition for the past few weeks around here, we picked up some fish for our Sunday dinner. The selection wasn’t as good as usual, but we ended up with a couple of good-looking Swordfish steaks, which happens to be one of my faves! Dan prepared them by creating a Parmesan crust and rolling the steaks in it:

As it turns out, you can’t really create this kind of crust when you plan to grill the fish. All of the beautiful coating that Dan prepared was lost the moment he plopped them on the grill. While he was facing this disappointment, I prepared some veggies to enjoy along with the fish:

The green beans last week were so delicious, I knew they needed to make a repeat experience with our weekly fish dinner. In addition, I prepared some parsnip fries with just a bit of of olive oil, salt and pepper:

These guys had a short visit to the oven, set at 400 degrees. After about 25 minutes, they were ready to join the rest of our dinner, which came together nicely.

Along with our fish, we enjoyed tolerated a bottle of wine:

This wine was just … not good. It was watered down and had an overall stale taste. We had a glass each, but neither one of us was particularly interested in jiving with this vino.

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