Perfect Harmony

Last week, I found the beautiful harmony that comes with a little extra fruit and granola in my Chobani. The perfect pair so far this week is as follows:

Almonds and leftover green beans make an amazing snack. I allowed Dan to pack my lunch, and this was what I was graced with as a result. Unfortunately, other than this snack and a Chobani, the only other treat he gave me was a baggie with cucumbers and carrots. That is NOT enough food for this hungry girl. To supplement my caloric intake for the day, I headed to Whole Foods in search of a tasty treat. I brought back a whole bag full:

I chose the top bar (of course, closest proximity) to snack on – the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Unbelievably scrumptious. Whilst I munched, I happened upon THIS ad:

I couldn’t believe it! Aside from the breed of dog, this is precisely what happened on Saturday with Penny. What a very strange coincidence. (For any Friends’ fans out there, that’s “joincidence” with a ‘c’).

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