Change the workout, change the breakfast

So while I was encouraged after my internal debate to just keep on keepin’ on with the smoothies, today I changed my mind. Dan and I hit the gym extra early in to get a nice, luxurious weights workout in (for me at least, I have no idea what he does at the gym while we’re there). I settled myself into a nice little corner in one of the classroom/studio rooms and gathered everything I needed to treat myself to a circuit (made up, on the spot, by me. Boo-ya!) I got two sets of dumbbells (10 pounders and 7.5 pounders), a mat, a Bosu Ball and a stability ball.

In no particular order (just to keep things interesting), I did:

-4 sets of 15 squats on the Bosu Ball with the 10 pounds
-3 sets of back lunges/bicep curls with 10 pounds
-3 sets of front lunges/lateral raises with 7.5 pounds
-3 sets of10 hamstring curls with the stability ball combined with shoulder press with 10 pounds
-3 sets of plank holds (front and both obliques)
-3 sets of mountain climbers with the stability ball
-3 sets of 20 tricep pushups

Whew! After all that mess, I didn’t think a smoothie would cut it. So after a contemplative stroll with Penny, Dan and I decided that our healthified Egg McMuffin recipe would be the perfect way to re-fuel after my strenuous efforts … and whatever it is that he did. He did mention that he was upset about those people that CAMP OUT by the weight racks with clipboards, bottles of water, sleeping bags, etc. I mean, the studio is one thing (lots of open space), but you’re blocking access to the goods, buddy! So I guess whatever he did had something to do with weights. One day, I’ll let him write a post about his gymming.

On with breakfast:

Feta, Veggie Bacon, eggs and cinnamon raisin bagel thins! I actually first learned of the goodness of cheese on cinnamon raisin toast from Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers. She went through a bit of an obsessive phase with this combo. After this morning, I definitely understand why!

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