Get those doggies in shape!

Yesterday, despite my amazing weights workout in the early morning hours (which I am DEFINITELY sore from!), it was beautiful out after work, and I figured a decent walk to get the blood and lactic acid flowing would do me some good. As such, I leashed up puppers and headed out. I actually used Map My Run to get a good route. I wanted to make sure that we went far enough to satisfy my needs, but not so far that my out-of-shape, four-legged friend couldn’t handle. Like people, apparently you have to build up your dog’s endurance. It makes sense, I suppose. She’s been cooped up all winter long, poor thing. She needs a couple of practice walks before we hit her with the big guns! The total distance of our route was just over a mile, but apparently, while 3 miles was too much, this distance was not quite enough. When we returned home, she was still very frisky and active. Anyone have any doggy training advice about how many miles my dog can handle while still draining her energy!?

She’s such an enigma, that one:

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