Sights Unseen

Although I fear nothing could really top last week’s episode, I have to keep trying. After all, if peaking too early was a deal-breaker, I should have just gotten in bed after college and pulled the covers over my head 🙂 Happy Friday!

This is Andrea’s brother’s band, Georgetown! I mentioned that we went to see them play last weekend, but never posted a picture of their bright and shiny faces. Drink it in, ladies. One of ’em is single, and one’s taken, so it all depends on if you like a challenge or taking the easy way out.

Penny likes to watch sports on television, probably more than her dad does. That’s what she’s doing here. Later, she read a Dickens novel, but I have no idea what she thought about it since she still hasn’t learned to talk.

Duckies! The fact that spring has finally arrived, or the fact that it sometimes arrives on certain days of the week, and then is completely absent on others … means that there is wildlife in our apartment complex’s man-made lake. They also turned the fountain on, one day before Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain was officially switched on. Because I guess that makes them feel superior.

When Penny isn’t kicking back with a cold one watching the Cubs blow a 6 point lead at the top of the ninth, she’s hard at work chewing on this gargantuan rope. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. We pay her a nickel a strand, and she gets an overtime bonus if she works nights or weekends. She has to earn her keep, too.

I know I already posted about the amazing chocolate chip cookie dough balls, but they warrant repeating because they’ve been SUCH a hit in our house. I wrapped them up in some foil and stashed it all in the freezer. Every evening, while we’re in the living room, Dan will casually stand up, stretch and announce that he’s headed to get a glass of water. Seconds later I hear the tell-tale crinkle of foil being rustled. “Whatcha doin, Ace?” His delayed and muffled response? “…nothing.” Somehow these have all mysteriously disappeared. Guess I’ll have to make some more.

2 thoughts on “Sights Unseen

    • Totally willing to do that. All YOU have to do is come to Chicago. Capiche? Oh, and in case that’s not enough to convince you, I’ll throw in the clincher. He’s really NICE too!

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