5K Recap!

Finally! It’s time to relive and recap my first 5K experience. On Friday evening, we started our preparations by having a few carbs for dinner. Dan whipped up a delectable pasta dish with tomatoes, olives, green peppers and mushrooms:

He had a little help from this guy. He doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s one of our favorite spatulas, which means Penny will NEVER get a hold of him!

The final product was carb-y, hot and appetizing – everything a “carb-loading” meal should be!

While Dan was busy in the kitchen, I was hard at work in the living room. Our 5K, the Race to Wrigley was actually in honor of Andrea’s birthday! So I had to prepare a couple of items that would help celebrate the event. I knew Andrea would be wearing her running tights, but I figured I could provide a festive pair of shorts to go over them:

The shorts seemed to be a hit, and they looked absolutely wonderful on her! I’d also like to think that they brought her (and me) a little bit of extra luck during the race.

I did, however, make the unfortunate mistake of leaving the caps off my new Crayola glitter glue and this will be my last project with this particular set of arts supplies. They dried out :(.

The race itself was great! Unfortunately, the second we got to the starting line to wait for the race to start, it started pouring. Chicago’s weather is always wildly unpredictable, so no one was particularly surprised – I think we were all glad it wasn’t snow. Luckily for me, Dan had gone out and purchased me a beautifully waterproof top layer which left me invincible to the precipitation.

There was plenty to see and keep us occupied during the race, and it was the first time I experienced having to weave in and out of walkers, joggers, etc. The pavement was wet, so this dodging game was particularly interesting. The best and worst part of the race was the last leg which brought us in to Wrigley stadium and wound us around the bottom concourse. On one hand, it was amazing to be able to run through this landmark, but it was dark! There were practically no lights on, so that combined with a slippery brick landscape also made that last part terrifying! We pushed through, however, and I finished my race in great time! Dan and I crossed the finish line at just about 32 minutes, right behind the rest of our group. It was definitely the rush that everyone says it is, and I am already on the hunt for my next race:

We all had a great time and once the race was over, we were ready to get the birthday party started!

Lots of local bars in Wrigleyville were running wonderful specials on treats like Bloody Mary’s and nachos to reward runners for their hard work. We took full advantage of these before heading to Nick (Andrea’s brother)’s place for breakfast (Nick and his girlfriend Kate are wonderful cooks). They also let us play with their new kitten:

After a quick trip to Target (hula hoops were purchased, don’t ask), we headed to our hotel, cleaned up and were ready to go again! Tons of people came out to celebrate Andrea’s birthday, and we had a great time with a night on the town (city):

We all had tons of fun, but I think after all the running/walking/dancing/heel-wearing – I might have given myself a bit of a heel injury. I’ve been reading up on this kind of condition, which recommends rest to heal the heel, so I took a couple of days off the gym. I woke up this morning, ready to gym, but the heel still had a pretty decent amount of pain, so I opted to blog instead! If I am feeling up to it this afternoon, I might head to the gym after work to get some time on the elliptical in, but most of the research I did pointed out that the cause of such pain stems from increasing mileage too quickly and also a sudden change in terrain can factor in. Running does not seem like a good idea right now, as much as I would like to be running! Maybe in a couple days?

All in all, though, this was a great race and (I hope) a terrific birthday celebration for one of the best friends I could ask for. Happy Birthday, Andrea!

9 thoughts on “5K Recap!

    • thank you so much! SO hooked! As soon as my heel heals I’m back on the dusty trail. Already looking for more races in my area and others …. 🙂

  1. … if your heel continues to have pain… there are many of us who are running in minimal or no shoes… thus altering one’s running form, and … protecting the heel, knees, hips from injury… if interested. Yet it is still a practice that needs time and adjustment and slow progression. There’s lots of information online — there’s a minimalist footware forum…or barefoot ted’s website… or … have you read BORN TO RUN? there is all sorts of information and inspiration on running. …I am happy to read about your awesome weekend-

    • Thanks for the suggestion! i have looked into “barefoot running” but know it’s something that you have to build up to, particularly if you have weak ankles like me! not out of the question in the future, but trying to master endurance while running with shoes on first 🙂

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