Another winning meal!

After accidentally combining quinoa and Greek Yogurt for what turned out to be a wonderful meal, I vowed to attempt a healthy version of risotto with similar ingredients. Thank goodness I did – this recipe will become a staple in our house, without a doubt. We both sucked it down quickly and wished for more! This recipe that I found through a Google search served as the basis. I had never even made regular risotto before, so I was unsure about the correct process. While we figured it out, Dan and I created some oven-roasted kale to snack on (another first for me!)

We chopped up all the veggies we wanted to include in our risotto, which included peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms.

We sauteed some garlic and onions with olive oil in our pan, then dumped in the vegetables, the barley, some vegetable stock and simmered everything together:

Once the liquid-y look was gone and the barley was cooked through, it was time to add the creamy texture of Greek Yogurt. We also added some Parmesan and and parsley. It was out of this world.

I was extra excited because risotto is one of those dishes that I love but it’s so rich and creamy that it leaves me feeling like there’s a rock in my stomach. This recipe took care of that! It was much lighter, and though it wasn’t as rich, that just meant I was able to enjoy more of it. 🙂 

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