Always accept free wine

It’s true. This is a major tenet in my handbook for life.

When we took our honeymoon trip to Napa last October, we opted to hire a driver, mostly because didn’t want to have to worry about tasting a little too much vino, and then not being able to cart ourselves to the next vineyard, but also because we had no idea where we were going. As it turned out, we got a sober driver and an amazing tour guide plus MORE with Designated Driver.

Our drivers knew all the greatest, smaller, family-owned wineries to take us to, which was a bonus. They also bought us some amazing champagne to celebrate our marriage, which was VERY generous 🙂

In addition to all these lovely perks, we were also treated like royalty everywhere we went, by vineyard staff hoping to gain the recommendation of our well-connected friends. One of the wineries we stopped by in Napa, Honig, was just such a place. The staff in the tasting room was all relatively young and very fun to talk to. It turned out that one of them actually knew my roommate from college! Small world, I marveled to myself (over and over … I’d been drinking wine all day, so such coincidences were even more impressive to me).

They provided us with a couple of bottles of free wine, which – let’s be honest, didn’t make it home with us. We took one to dinner that very night and drank the other the next day. Lucky for us, however, this vineyard sells to our local Binny’s! I was able to snag a bottle the other day and it is just as delicious as I remember:

Dan and I thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about our time at this winery while we were tipping back our glasses:


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