Oatmeal is the new smoothie

Here in Chicago, today is the first day we’ve seen the sun this workweek. Unbelievable! These dreary skies have made it difficult to get out of bed and tough to maintain a high level of energy throughout the day. To combat the rainy morning blues, I’ve been experimenting with different oatmeal combos – the perfect antidote for a gloomy day. One day I made peanut butter and jelly oats, and because I love the way PB2 combines with cooked oatmeal (and because I love the taste of peanut butter!) I brought that ingredient back in another rendition, but this time, added chocolate (woo hoo!) and bananas. The chocolate protein powder and PB2 made the oats a little too thick/dry, so I added some dark chocolate Almond Milk as well (my fave!). The combination was just plain stunning:

I sprinkled a little bit of pumpkin spice on top, mostly because I like the smell – it takes me to Thanksgiving morning, but it actually added a nice flavor as well. Double whammy!

One thought on “Oatmeal is the new smoothie

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