Sights Unseen

Even though it’s Good Friday, and I could probably get away with using that as an excuse not to post these – I WANTED TO!

As you might already know, my good friends Kat and Brian recently got engaged. To celebrate their big announcement, I took my first sewing lesson from my mom and created this little bride bottle of Champagne for them. It was not in the least bit complicated, but I did use the sewing machine and some tulle to put it together. I think it’s a beautiful beginning for my DIY career.

This picture from Andrea’s birthday party CRACKS me up. She is so happy, in the moment and loving life. Something I wish I had a zillion pictures of to look at any time I need some inspiration.

Could this dog GET any more comfortable? She cracks me up with all the places she takes naps. Today is a VERY special day for Penny, because three years ago on Good Friday (in the middle of a snowstorm), Dan and I brought Penny home! One of the best decisions we ever made.

In addition to Kat and Brian’s engagement news, they will also soon be moving away to Phoenix! We will all miss them so much, even though the opportunities for them there are exciting and wonderful. To mark the occasion, we put together one last girl’s night in Kat’s honor. Ten lovely ladies showed up to show their love, and the only regret of the evening was that I didn’t get a picture of all of us together! The one above is the most comprehensive shot.

Hoppy Easter weekend!!!

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