Steak and Rutabagas

This week has been insane, which is why blogging has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. Case in point, it is FRIDAY and I am now about to tell you about our wonderful dinner from last Sunday. Trust me, I wouldn’t dredge up the past like this if it weren’t totally worth it.

Most people think of steak and … potatoes. And while I am always first in line for some bite-sized starch, my dad came up with an amazing alternative – rutabagas! These little puppies taste remarkably like a potato product with a similar texture:

My behavior with respect to this side dish was similar to the times I have been served potatoes (eating all of them off my plate before I touch any other food, stealing pieces from the bowl when no one’s looking, becoming shameless and stealing pieces from the baking sheet even if people are looking … )

My dad also came up with a new and exotic quinoa dish. It featured kale, peas and all sorts of yummy greens:

Normally, I most likely would have been hounding to him to find out what all the ingredients are and exactly how this was made. But after Andrea’s birthday celebrations, I was unbelievably tired. But not so much so that I couldn’t enjoy the main event of this meal!

I like my beef products more on the rare side, and luckily, my dad is on the same page! He has some patented technique that combines the grill and the oven that he uses to finesse his steaks, and as a result, they turn out perfectly  every time (in contrast to the first time he tried this tactic, and there was char involved). I have absolutely no clue how to cook a good steak, so it’s a darn good thing I have my dad around to do such things. Speaking of which, that is the perfect lead-in to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I am very lucky to have a dad like you! And Penny’s pretty glad you’re around too 🙂

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